Who We Are

We are a family run, in-home tortoise rescue and sanctuary. Whether you are looking to learn about these ancient reptiles, adopt or surrender a tortoise we are here to help.

Surrender A Tortoise

This is Peanut, he is available to adoption.

Whether you don’t have enough time for your Tort or he/she has a medical issue or deformity we take in tortoises of all species and sizes.

Please see our Surrendering Page if you need to surrender your Tortoise.

Adopt A Tortoise

We are here to educate and make sure any of the Tortoises we adopt out thrive in their new homes.

Please see our Adoption Page if you are interested in adopting a Tortoise.

Donations are greatly appreciated and 100% goes towards our Tortoises.

Living Rocks Tortoise Rescue is in the process of receiving our 501(c)(3) non-profit license.

Living Rocks Tortoise Rescue


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