Tortoises Available for Adoption

SHIMMER is a Hermann’s Tortoise. Shimmer came to the sunshine and large enclosures of LRTR after sitting too long at a pet store. Shimmer is a juvenile Hermann’s and has some growing to do. Shimmer is an energetic and, dare we say, playful tortoise. She is very inquisitive and not at all shy about seeing what the humans are up to and eating from your hand (always use caution when hand-feeding). Adoption Fee: $250. If you are interested in adopting Shimmer, please fill out and submit the Adoption Application below.

Don’t see the species of Tortoise you are interested in? Please contact us and let us know what species you are interested in. We will save your information and let you know if/when we have the species available for adoption.

Tortoises that found their happily ever after

**ADOPTED** PIP is a young Three-Toed Box Turtle. With each passing day she is becoming more inquisitive and is not the type to stay in her shell for long. Pip loves long soaks but does not enjoy being misted (yet).

**ADOPTED** MAMA & DARTH MAUL are a pair of Three-Toed Box Turtle. This pair prefers life in the slow lane, unless it’s meal time or the mister is on. They are not a picky eaters and they gobbles up worms, insects, Mazuri pellets and veggies. They loves sunny days in the garden, where they can dig for worms and take long soaks.

**ADOPTED** PINKY is a male Russian/Afghan/Horsfield’s Tortoise. Pinky came to LRTR after he had been wandering the streets. Whoever owned him previously had painted his shell pink, but most of the paint has been removed and it does not affect him. We do not know his age, but he still has some growing to do. He is a very feisty and active Tortoise. Pinky loves to explore and dig. He would be a great addition for a family looking for pint-sized ball of fun.

**ADOPTED** GREEN LIGHT is Sulcata/African Spurred Tortoise and was born December 2018. “He” is too young to know gender. Green Light is a shy Tortoise but we have been working with him to get more comfortable with people being around. He may be tiny now, but he will grow to be a giant (3rd largest species of Tortoise in the world).